Needs Adapt to the New Normal by innovating your business and workstyle

We provide solutions that better connect the people in your organization.

From online collaboration tools, to AI robots that improve work efficiency and quality, to IT device installation, operation and replacement, we can supply you with a variety of services to reduce your costs and lighten your management workload.

Does your organization need any of the following?

Access to the office apps and business tools essential to your daily operations,

anywhere and anytime,
securely and with the latest updates.

Security, efficiency, and low implementation costs for

a remote office environment solution.

Improved teamwork and self-motivation

through better internal communication.

Automation of parts of your business

with guidance on where to begin.

KDDI  can make these a reality

We support you in implementing cloud services that are optimal for your business

As companies consider the merits and the cutting-edge features of clouds, more are looking not just at public cloud solutions, but also at hybrid-clouds and multi-clouds. At KDDI, we can help you navigate the cloud implementation process, providing total solutions that cover access lines, data centers, and system integration.

Packaged provision of the infrastructure and software needed for remote work

By making your employees’ remote work environments into cutting-edge workspaces, you can efficiently create the organizational collaboration required for the “new normal.”

As a global partner with Cybozu, we provide the cloud-based business improvement platform “Kintone”

Organize your email、Excel files, paper documents, and other data into a single app and unify your company’s internal and external communications. Even beginners can create and modify apps in Kintone thanks to its intuitive interface. 

We are a gold partner with RPA provider “UiPath” and can support you in achieving business automation

Through cooperation with software robots, you can visualize and automate your organization’s routine tasks. From using a single robot to deploying large-scale solutions using “Orchestrator”, we can help you move forward according to your organization’s implementation schedule.

Other Needs

Smart factories that make your manufacturing DX a reality
Utilizing data to achieving factory DX

Work Efficiency,  Work Style Change

Resolving chronic shortages of human resources at overseas locations
Faster routine work, so you can focus on your core business

Smart Factory

What is the best solution for your problem?
Please consult a KDDI consultant.