Network Network Management Service

This plan offers 24/7 monitoring of the WAN and WAN connection routers from KDDI's monitoring center

Overview & features

This plan offers monitoring and operation of a customer's WAN consisting of KDDI's services such as KDDI Global Powered Ethernet and KDDI Global IP-VPN.
KDDI monitors WAN connection routers installed at a customer's offices around the world 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Available Image

Details of monitoring and operation service

By monitoring the WAN, we can immediately identify the point of failure – either WAN or WAN connection router. When detecting a failure, we notify staff in charge of operation on a customer's side via automatic e-mail or phone call, and immediately restore it in the case of failure with WAN.
And, in the case of failure of equipment, we contact an equipment vendor on behalf of a customer for speedy solution.

Adoption of SOP (Standard Operation Procedure)

The SOP pre-specified in accordance with a customer's network enables accurate and prompt monitoring and operation.

Available menus

Menu [1]Ping monitoringE-mail notification [2]Contact via phoneVendor arrangement
Plan A
Plan B
Plan C
Menu [3]Ping monitoringE-mail notification [2]Contact via phoneVendor arrangement
Plan GA
Plan GB
[1]Menus for equipment installed in domestic locations.
[2]E-mail notification is automatically sent.
[3]Menus for equipment installed in international locations.

Option menus

Menu [4]Remarks
Additional ping monitoringRequired if equipment under monitoring in each plan has multiple IP addresses to be monitored.
Equipment operation [5]When an alarm is activated, remote log-on and command confirmation are performed for failure isolation according to the procedure provided by a customer beforehand.
Publication of report [6]Traffic report of equipment under monitoring in each plan is provided on the web.
This menu also offers a function to automatically send a notification when a certain threshold value is exceeded.
[4]Application only for option menus cannot be accepted. A basic contract for the monitoring service and an application for each plan should be made.
[5]In the case of failure isolation at outbound (only applicable to equipment installed outside of Japan), we ask a customer to prepare the environment which accepts remote access from KDDI. Furthermore, when using the equipment operation service, a customer is asked to create a procedure manual.
[6]With this menu, pre-specified report data are regularly collected from target equipment and published on the web. The availability ratio is calculated based on collection of ping monitoring results.

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