BCP Solution NAS Cloud Backup (Cloud Backup)

Building Disaster Recovery Solution in the Cloud

Ensuring data safety on your NAS with Cloud Backup that keep backup in Cloud Storage Service. In the event of a disaster, you can browse backups and retrieve backups because backups is stored remotely. Cloud Storage Service is flexible, since it can expand as needs for storage grow.

Do you have any of the following problems?

We already get backups but I have concern in the event of disaster because we have no measures for Disaster Recovery.

Actual data size was less than our expectations. I want to select the backup storage based on actual usage.

Data size is increasing more than our expectaions, so need to add additional disk to backup storage.

  1. No need new Backup Server
    • You can configure cloud service backup with NAS utilizing the function that support to back up to Cloud Storage Service without new back up server.
  2. Reduce cost with Pay-as-You-Go
    • Cloud Service offers you a pay-as-you-go approach that you can adapt your business depending on need and not on forecasts, reducing the risk or overprovisioning or missing capacity.
  3. Expand storage as needs for storage grow
    • Cloud Storage Service is flexible, since it can expand as needs for storage grow.

What is NAS Cloud Backup?

  • You can configure Cloud Backup utilizing the function that supports to backup to Amazon Web Service S3, you don't have to prepare and manage backup server.
  • We recommed to configure 2 backup jobs, one is back up NAS or external HDD, the other one is back up to Cloud Storage Service in the case of event of a disaster.

What is Amazon S3?

Amazon Simple Storage Service(Amazon S3) is a service offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that provides object storage through a web service interface. Amazon S3 can be employed to store any type of object which allows for uses like storage for backup and recovery, disaster recovery, data archives and its architecture is designed to provide scalability, high availability, and low latency with 99.999999999% durability and between 99.95% to 99.99% availability.

What KDDI can do

  • KDDI Indonesia engineers can provide total support for every step of the way: defining NAS Cloud Backup requirements, design, creation, operation, and maintenance.
  • Support in Indonesian and Japanese languages.


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What is the best solution for your problem?
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