BCP Solution Splashtop for CACHATTO Cloud Pack (Remote Desktop)

Creates a safe and comfortable telework environment anytime anywhere

Compatible with multiple devices, work in the same environment as in the company, regardless of time and place.


Splashtop for CACHATTO Cloud Pack (Remote Desktop) provides remote desktop services in the cloud. Utilising company-provided or unmanaged PCs for telework.
Safely access company system using company-provided/personal devices.


Make Splashtop for CACHATTO Cloud Pack beneficial for you.


Easy Deployment

Cloud services can be used immidiately. No server installation is required.

Safe and Secure

Ensures no browsed data is left on device, and cannot be taken out. Use personal devices with a piece of mind.

Simple Installation

Easily deployed by installing the essential remote access apps on both access and in-house terminals.

Use in Various Device

Supports not only Windows PCs, but Macs, tablets and smartphones.

Login Using Smartphone

Scan the 2D barcode using a smartphone to authenticate. No need to enter login information on access PC.
CACHATTO SmartLoginNew Window

High Peformance

Unmatched performance with a fast screen transfer for an efficient user experience.

Strong security

e-Jan Networks provides a service to hold your CACHATTO server on AWS. Users can enjoy using CACHATTO by installing our applications into the client devices (from which to remotely access) as well as accesed devices (where it is to be remotely accessed). No VPN is needed, no changes on firewall settings, and no trouble on placing more servers or facilities in your network, CACHATTO can be just so simply implemented. 

*Login through CACHATTO SmartLogin is only available for CACHATTO Windows versions

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