BCP Solution NEXTSET Single Sign-On for Office 365 (Security)

Improve Microsoft 365 security

NEXTSET Single Sign-On for Office 365 is cloud based security service that improve Microsoft 365 security.
This service provides the multi functions such as Microsoft 365 access limitation based on IP address/ Devices basis, Issuing Client Certification, Multi Factor Aunthentication, Secure Browser, Active Directory Syncronization, etc that are required to make improve company security.

I want to set limitation to be able to access Microsoft 365 from only company office.

I want to be able to send and approve applications from home or other places, for fast decision-making.

I have concern about security although I want to allow staff to access Microsoft 365 from outside of office using their smart device.

  • IP/ Device basis Access Limitation

You can set limitation such as "From office : Any device is allowed", "From outside of office : Only authenticated device is allowed".

  • Issue Client Certification

You can issue and manage client certification that enable device authenticaftion without additional charges.

  • Security Browser

You can use Security Browser that helps to be more secured Micorosoft 365 access.

What KDDI can do

  1. KDDI engineers can provide total support for every step of the way: defining requirements, design, creation, operation, and maintenance.
  2. Support in English, Local language and Japanese.
  3. Create a portal site for you that incorporates Microsoft 365, and provide training on how to get the most out of Microsoft 365.


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